16 People Killed: The Recent Wave of Terror in Jammu & Kashmir

Farrukh Saif

June 12, 2024

Kashmir Is Under attack: 16 people killed

In the last 72 hours, India faced three deadly attacks in Jammu & Kashmir, designed by the Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and its offshoot, The Resistance Front (TRF).

It appears that Pakistani-based jihadi groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and its offshoot, The Resistance Front (TRF), are attempting to reignite the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir through a spate of deadly attacks, similar to how Hamas tried to draw international attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through violence in October 2023.

Recent Attacks:

The recent attacks in Reasi, Doda, and Kathua districts, which have claimed over 16 lives, including civilians and security personnel, highlight the grave threat posed by cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan. Indian security forces have intensified operations to defuse the terrorists involved and prevent further loss of life, The rough land and the presence of people from Pakistan have made things are making it very difficult.

First Attack: Reasi Bus Attack

On June 10th, a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims to the Vaishno Devi temple was attacked by terrorists in Reasi district, resulting in the tragic deaths of 10 civilians and injuries to 33 others. The TRF claimed responsibility for this heinous act, which involved indiscriminate firing on the bus, causing it to tumble into a valley. The victims were identified as tourists from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and locals from Reasi.

Second Attack:

Just two days later, on June 12th, another horrific attack occurred, claiming the lives of 4 persons, including a minor child. While specific details are not provided, this attack is also attached to the LeT/TRF terror nexus operating from Pakistan.

Third Attack:

The most recent strike on the same day, June 12th, resulted in 2 more fatalities, further exacerbating the volatile situation in the region. These back-to-back attacks underscore the nefarious designs of Pakistan-sponsored terrorist outfits like LeT and TRF to destabilize Jammu & Kashmir through senseless violence targeting innocent civilians.

Cross Border Terrorism: And Future Persecution

These terror outfits, operating from Pakistani soil, seem to be exploiting the volatile situation in the region to create unrest and undermine the region through senseless violence targeting innocent civilians and security forces. Their immoral designs likely aim to bring the long-standing Kashmir issue back into the global spotlight, much like Hamas’s actions last year.

However, as an Organization working for the Christians and other religious minorities who face hardship and Persecution in the Indian subcontinent, we have strong apprehension that this could take the entire region towards a dead end, where the Religious communities, especially Christians, Hindus, and even Muslim will face the serious Persecution. Although Pakistan has officially banned Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

However, LeT continued its operations under the banner of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), which was portrayed as a charitable organization but considered a front for LeT by India and Western countries.

Farrukh Saif

Farrukh H. Saif, a courageous Christian human rights activist, established the Farrukh Saif Foundation in 2009 to confront religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, and bonded slavery in Pakistan. His dedication to liberating bonded laborers from brick kilns and advocating for blasphemy victims and asylum seekers has garnered international acclaim. Despite encountering threats and fatwas, his impactful work persists in supporting marginalized communities. In 2018, the foundation merged with The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved, enhancing its global outreach.


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