1930s Jew Hate Is On Full Display

Keith Davies

May 26, 2024

A dark and ominous scene representing the resurgence of 1930s anti-Semitism.

The 1930s have returned with a vengeance. The leaders of this Jew-hate come from different sources, but the hatred is the same as it always has been. Let’s start with Ireland and its government.

During the 1930s and 40s, Ireland refused to allow Jews to migrate to Ireland to escape the Nazis. On the death of Hitler, the prime minister of Ireland, Eamon de Valera (later to become president) at that time sent a letter of condolence to the German Embassy.

Ireland’s History of Anti-Semitism:

Ireland did not recognize Israel until 1963. They did not set up any diplomatic relations until 1975, and no embassy was allowed its presence on Irish soil until 1993. You think that is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Ireland has been at the forefront of Pro-Palestinian activism, sponsoring anti-Israel resolutions at the UN. They opposed the wall that Israel built to protect themselves from suicide attacks during the “Peace Process.”

Sweden and Spain: Anti-Israel Stances:

Now they are the second country after Sweden in 2014 to recognize the fake nation/state of Palestine, and they did it seven months after the worst atrocity against Jews since the Holocaust.

Spain, the next country to recognize the P state, has a fine record of Jew hate. It took them 38 years to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Franco had close ties to fascist Germany and Italy, which delayed any recognition of Israel.

Spain did form diplomatic relations with Israel and relations improved under conservative governments. However, today the far left controls the Spanish government and is openly hostile to Israel by not only recognizing the P state but its deputy prime minister just called for the destruction of Israel using the term “from the river to the sea.”

Norway’s Shift in Allegiance:

Norway, the final of the most recent countries to recognize Palestine, is a close third in its Jew hate. While Norway used to be a friend of Israel, this is no longer the case, and they have advanced the Palestinian cause and are always one of the first to critique Israel, but never the terror of the Palestinians. They do not recognize Jerusalem as Israeli territory.

European Anti-Semitism and the Palestinian Propaganda:

The rest of Europe is not far behind in their Jew hate. Let us be clear that the whole concept of Palestine’s nationality is a huge ruse and propaganda ploy to destroy Israel. We know from history that from 1948 till today there has never been a desire for a Palestinian state. It is used by the Arabs as a propaganda weapon against Israel because the Arabs are unable to win militarily. They tried in 1948, 1967, and 1973 to beat Israel on the battlefield but failed to do so. In 1974, they invented the Palestinian nation and stole the narrative of the Jews. The Palestinians are now the world’s chosen people according to the UN.

The World’s Hypocrisy and Encouragement of Anti-Semitism:

Not only does the world advance their cause, but terrorism against Jews is not OK for about 72 hours. Then, after that, terrorism is absolutely fine against Israel. Jews cannot defend themselves because they are just too strong for those poor defenseless people who advance in their schools, mosques, and media the hate of and genocidal impulses to kill all the Jews, not just in Israel but all over the world.

My Jewish brothers and sisters build Holocaust museums everywhere, yet the world, based on the votes at the UN, openly supports Hamas. How are all those museums working out for us? The world wishes to save Hamas from defeat, using the false accusations of genocide and war crimes against the only state that uses methods to prevent as much as possible civilian casualties. This is pure Jew hate from the international community. Not only does the action by the world bodies like the UN behave like Jew-haters, but it encourages the rest of the world’s anti-Semites to come right out of their closets.

A Call to Action for the Jewish Community:

My message to the Jewish community is to amass support from the Christian community to fight with us to show we will not tolerate these hypocrisies. Let us form an army of churches in all regions of the United States and the world to send on planned dates thousands of righteous gentiles from their congregations to rally on university campuses in Columbia, Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and other universities to show that America and its Christian community will not tolerate this Jew and Israel hate.

Introducing the “Freedom Alliance For Israel” Initiative:

Our new division of our charity, Freedom Alliance For Israel, will start on this initiative immediately. If you would like to donate to us, click here and request that your money be used for this initiative.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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