A Roadmap to Peace: Rethinking the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Keith Davies

November 4, 2023

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Surrounding the Establishment of Israel in 1948:

When Israel was re-established in 1948 under UN resolution 181, it also included the setting up of an Arab state; it never used the term a “Palestinian State,” why? The Arabs of the region never referred to themselves as Palestinians but as Arabs, Southern Syrians, or Arab refugees (after the 1948 war). Before the re-established of Israel, only the Jews living in the British Mandate referred to themselves as Palestinians.

The war that followed the founding of Israel was never about founding a Palestinian state instead of Israel but was to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, just as it is today if one cares to read the charter of Hamas. If the Arabs had won that war in 1948, the territory would have been divided between the Arab powers.

The Arab-Israel War and Palestinian Nationalism:

The wars of 1956, 1967, and 1973 were also wars that had nothing to do with Palestinian nationalism.

The PLO was founded in 1964 (three years before Israel took the West Bank). At that time, Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt Gaza, and neither set up situations for “Palestinians” to govern themselves; in fact, Arabs still did not refer to themselves as “Palestinian” even then. The goal of the PLO was to destroy Israel from “The river to the sea.” The same chant we hear today on university campuses at pro-Palestinian rallies.

Only after the 1973 Yom Kippur War did Palestinian nationalism become a movement, as the Arab countries recognized that they were unable to defeat Israel by war. In 1974, the Arabs living in the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab Refugee camps referred to themselves as Palestinians. Israel maintained the status quo in the PR war for several years due to the airplane hijackings and terror attacks. Still, the propaganda war was now in full swing to make Israel an oppressor and rob the Jewish narrative, which enabled the founding of Israel. 

The PR War: Shaping Perceptions of Israel and Antisemitism:

The Arabs infiltrated the left-wing parties of the West and their student bodies in universities all over the world. We have now witnessed horrific antisemitism with Nazi-style chants, “Gas the Jews” and “Hitler was right,” The Arabs have successfully won the propaganda war against Israel and fostered this new modern antisemitism in the form of hating Israel.

Israel has failed in the PR war because they accepted the lies of their enemies and allowed their principal ally, America, to believe them. By advancing the Idea of “peace,” “land for peace,” etc., the world now accepts the Idea of Palestinian statehood as valid. However, a Palestinian state is simply a means to perpetuate the conflict with Israel. A refugee who is seventy-five years of age and is kept as such is an anomaly and is a well of poison that is reserved for Jews only. By Israel accepting the lie of its enemies, they look guilty in the eyes of the world, who, for the most part, do not know history. A picture or a sound bite is what passes for news that poisons the mind of the ignorant in a predominantly left-wing media.

Israel, if it is to have any chance to restore its reputation in world opinion, must reject the Idea of a Palestinian state now for two reasons, one because that is not the goal of their enemy, as the aim has not changed one bit since 1948, i.e., that is its the destruction of Israel.

Perspective for Peace :

Furthermore, a solution must be advanced, which involves repatriating Arab refugees from refugee camps to Arab countries, returning Gaza to Egypt, and converting the West Bank into Israeli territory, with Arabs living there now having the option of becoming Israeli citizens or leaving to any Arab country if they wish. In the period between 1948 and 1973, nearly a million Jews were driven from Arab countries, losing all their possessions, lands, homes, and businesses. The current situation of Arab refugees living in refugee camps leaves them with no hope; therefore, giving them citizenship will allow them to take part in everyday life in an Arab country.

 The Gaza Strip would become part of Egypt again, as it was before 1967, and the rights of Arabs in the West Bank would be guaranteed under a democratic state within Israel, where over 1.7 million Arabs already enjoy full rights.

It is argued that justice would be served if both parties to the conflict accepted the population exchange that occurred between 1948 and 1973. This is because the exchange of populations was roughly equal between both sides, resulting in equal injustice. Therefore, by accepting this fact, both parties would put an end to the conflict.

Unfortunately, the above common-sense Idea will not succeed because there is too much corruption in the world, especially at the UN, as too much money is invested in people’s jobs maintaining UNRWA. It is money and power that come before justice and truth.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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