Our Founders & Board Members

Emergency Committee to Save The Persecuted and Enslaved is a 501c3 Charity. In 2018 Mr. Keith Davies, a former Executive Director of Rescue Christians, and Farrukh Saif, the head of the Farrukh Saif Foundation established this Charity.

Keith Davies Co-Founder & CCO

Keith Davies an Irish born American started humanitarian Campaigns in 2010 after joining an American based organization as Executive Director. Having personal experience of a religious persecution, he felt obligated to support and help the voiceless and deprived people of the world.

Through his strategies and planning thousands of people were saved and resettled in safe regions. His focus is to eradicate the present-day Slavery. As team leader Keith were able to rescue and liberated thousands of people from the slavery. Farrukh and Keith was working as an associate and partner. In 2018, they both decided to join campaigns aimed at saving more people. During that year, they established a new organization called the ‘Emergency Rescue Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved.’ Over the last two years, they have successfully saved and rescued more than 200 families from the brick kilns in Pakistan.

Farrukh Saif

Co-Founder & International Director

Farrukh Saif is a Pakistani born based in Germany is a well-known human rights activist. In 2009 Farrukh Saif started Organization to raise voice for the minorities of Pakistan, his Campaigns against the misuse of Blasphemy laws and Asylum is not crime, grabbed the International headlines. In 2014 Farrukh was become a voice of Pakistani Asylum seekers in South east Asia. Through his efforts, hundreds of the Asylum seekers were released from the jails in Thailand. Farrukh and his dedicated legal team, furthermore, have successfully saved dozens of victims from the clutches of the Strict Blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Board Members

President                         Andrew Reilly

Secretary                        Farrukh H. Saif

Treasure/ Officer              Keith Davies

Board Member                 Lara Davies

Board Member                 Sonia Harrison

Board Member Jeffrey Jakubik