Another Christian killed by a Muslims in Lahore Pakistan


There is no end to Christian persecution and discrimination in Pakistan. Violence against religious groups has been on the rise in Pakistan almost every day for the past two decades.

On 14th Feb,2022 – A 25-year-old Christian was killed by a group of Muslims in Lahore Pakistan. Pervez Masih was attacked during an altercation at his video game store.

According to the information, some youths entered the Video game store, the night before the attack. Pervaiz Masih refused to gamble with them, during this time, they exchanged bitter words.

The next day, a group of 200 men attacked the Christian colony, some of them armed, and started beating and torturing Christians, including Pervez Masih and his uncle. When the assailants attacked Pervez’s uncle Akhtar Bhatti, Pervez jumped up and tried to save his uncle.

During the incident, they dragged Pervez back and attacked him with sticks and bricks. The assailant, Sohni Allah Dutta, struck Pervez on the head and he fell to the ground, and immediately understanding the situation assailant fled from the spot.

Police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the attackers, but no arrests have been made so far.

The persecution of Christians in Pakistan is now at an extreme level. The government of Pakistan and all its institutions seem completely helpless and unable to control this situation. It is time for the international community to move forward and speak out for the oppressed Christians in Pakistan.