Anti-Semitism: The Thin Line Between Moral Bankruptcy and Ignorance

Keith Davies

December 10, 2023

I was surprised when I went through the “prestigious” Economist magazine. “ When Hamas smashed across the Gaza border on October 7th, killing some 1200 Israelis and abducting around 250 more, it thrust itself into the very centre of international attention. The issue of Palestinian statehood, which had been forgotten as Arab countries established diplomatic relations with Israel under the Abraham Accords, is once again seen as the key to stability across the region.”

Amid the situation’s complexities, it is crucial to scrutinize the various actors involved, from militant groups like Hamas to influential international bodies and the policies of governments, particularly the Biden administration.

Hamas’ Agenda Beyond Palestinian Statehood:

Contrary to popular belief, Hamas’s aspirations extend beyond the establishment of a Palestinian state. The organization envisions the reconstitution of the Ottoman Empire under a Caliphate, with borders stretching from Turkey to India, North Africa, and Spain. Their approach involves a blend of stealth jihad and global conquest, challenging the traditional narrative surrounding their goals.

Recently, some journalists have demonstrated a lack of knowledge and displayed bias against Israel in their analyses by labeling Israel as a usurper and referring to Hamas and other terrorist groups attacking Israel as resistance and freedom fighters. The most extensive bias occurs when those who support Hamas in Gaza are referred to as innocent citizens of Gaza.

University Campuses and the Rise of Anti-Semitism:

The issue of anti-Semitism extends beyond geopolitical conflicts, reaching university campuses in the United States. Testimonies from college presidents at prestigious institutions like Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and MIT reveal a concerning trend of reluctance to condemn the intimidation of Jewish students. The influence of groups like the Muslim Students Association, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (as is Hamas), adds a layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about the prevalence of anti-Israel sentiment within academia.

A Call for Action: Reevaluating University Policies:

In response to the recent actions by Hamas and the subsequent reactions from certain university administrations, there is a growing call for a reevaluation of policies. Advocates for Israel and opponents of anti-Semitism argue that universities must take a firm stance against faculty members or student groups endorsing genocide, supporting Hamas, or promoting anti-Semitic slurs. Individual students who publicly call for Jewish genocide, including the slogan “From The River to Sea Palestine should be Free,” should be expelled from the school and, if they are in America on a foreign student visa, be immediately deported. We know that if a university student or faculty member advocated killing black people or gays, these same university presidents would take swift action. 

The policies entail strict consequences such as employee termination, revocation of accreditation, and defunding of groups promoting anti-Semitic views.

The United Nations and Biden Administration’s Role:

Examining the international landscape, let us turn our attention to our final major perpetrator of lies and duplicity against Israel, the United Nations, as well as the current Joe Biden administration and its crew of Jew-haters. Although we are all familiar with the history of the UN’s anti-Israel agenda, let us confine our critique to the current events in Gaza and their causes.

The Trump era saw a departure from traditional funding for organizations like UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority, resulting in a period of relative calm. However, the current administration’s decision to reverse these policies, coupled with the easing of sanctions on Iran, has been linked to a resurgence of violence in the region, leading to the worldwide antisemitic wave.

Critics argue that the influx of funds to Iran has indirectly financed groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, contributing to the recent escalation of terrorism.

 Iran has since received this gold mine of money. Has used it to finance Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamist proxies, enabling Hamas to attack Israel in the worst pogrom since the Holocaust. Biden’s foolish policies had allowed Iran to finance terror to a level that caused these outrages and destabilized the Middle East. We have the repeated results of the Oslo Accords, which is to give money to terrorists and expect them to stop their terror. When will the leftist governments learn from their mistakes and stupidity?

Addressing the Root Cause: Rethinking International Aid:

Founded in 1949 by the UN, UNWRA was established to cater exclusively to refugees from “Palestine,” conferring an inherited refugee status in perpetuity. However, a concerning revelation emerges regarding the funding provided by US and European taxpayers, primarily intended for refugees. Regrettably, many of these funds seem to sustain the organization’s large staff, exceeding 30,000 individuals, with well-paying positions.

Even more alarming is the accusation that a considerable number of UNWRA staff members are allegedly affiliated with Hamas, a group recognized as a terrorist organization. A recent media report went so far as to implicate a UNWRA employee in holding an Israeli hostage, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

Compounding these issues is the reported content of Gaza’s school education programs, funded by UNWRA, which allegedly include textbooks promoting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Despite awareness raised by UN Watch and others through presentations to both the UN and the United States Congress, substantive action to address these concerns was only taken under the Trump administration.

As contributions to UNWRA persist, it becomes apparent that nearly half of Gaza’s population, born after Hamas assumed power in 2006, has potentially been exposed to indoctrination akin to Nazi-like Jew hate. The claim suggests that UN and Western government funding might inadvertently support a narrative aligned with the proposed destruction of Israel, echoing the ideologies of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a perplexing turn of events, Egypt, a Muslim-majority country, has designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and banned Al Jazeera TV station, owned by Qatar, a known supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. This raises questions about the differing perspectives on the issue and the actions taken by various nations.

The Funding Web: The Gaza Conundrum:

In the labyrinth of aid flowing to Palestinians in Gaza, whether from UNWRA or humanitarian channels, there’s a troubling reality – it inadvertently fuels Hamas, a group known for diverting aid for its agenda. Financing regions under terror control tends to breed more terror, not less. The UN, despite its humanitarian image, is accused of inadvertently supporting terrorism by channeling funds to groups like Hamas, casting doubt on its true agenda.

Critics question the U.S. government’s approach, labeling it as either naive, ignorant or possibly influenced by anti-Semitic sentiments. While some argue that Joe Biden supports Israel, the ongoing challenges with Iran-financed Hamas suggest otherwise, raising questions about the effectiveness of current policies.

Amidst this complexity, a clear sentiment emerges from the majority of the American public – strong support for Israel. It’s time to convey a message to policymakers, university leaders, and journalists: cut through the rhetoric and embrace moral clarity grounded in facts. The world, especially in the face of the threat of Islamic supremacy, needs a more informed and principled approach.

Our organization, ECSPE, extends an invitation for you to join us in prayer for the peace in the world.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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