Break The Chains

ECSPE, one of the most critical projects, aims to “Break the Chains.” Pakistan is one of the countries in the world where slavery still exists today. There are thousands of underprivileged Christians and other impoverished sections of society who are trapped in modern-day slavery.

Over the past five years, we have liberated and rescued thousands of people from slavery in Pakistan. Pakistan, which ranks 3rd worldwide in slavery, is one of the most abusive regions for child labor as well. Most of these individuals were compelled to work in brick kilns, agriculture, and factories. Numerous organizations are assisting these modern-day slaves, but much remains to be done in this regard.

Typically, when other organizations rescue slaves, they often return to slavery within a week. However, we have developed a formula that empowers these people to comprehend their societal role.

Following their rescue, we reintegrate them with former slaves, providing education on how to navigate their future lives. We are saving their lives and their souls for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our trained missionary network works tirelessly to impart the true essence of Christianity in the Islamic world. 

From Tears to Radiant Smiles

Choose a Gift

  • $ 20: Food For A Day.
  • $ 50: Support For Rescue Children Education.
  • $ 100: One person will be free from slavery.
  • $ 500:You Can Save One Family
  • $ 1,000:You Can Save Two Families.

Stand with us on a mission to rescue persecuted Christians from slavery and provide them with a chance to rebuild their lives. Let’s work together to help those who are Suffering.


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Video Testimonials: Voices of Change

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