Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved has running different projects for the voiceless and Oppressed communities of the world. Currently we are running three main Campaigns, Free the Slaves, Gender Justice and Educational for all. We believe that the poverty is the main reason of the injustice with these communities.

To eradicate the Slavery, we need to provide the better opportunities to these communities, especially we should provide them better jobs education to their Children to end the Slavery from the world.

Our Campaigns

Free the Slaves

Millions of people in the world are forced to live a life of slaves in this modern era. It is not much has ever been under to Abolish Slavery, every passing year the number of slaves is increasing. Leran More

Gender Justice

In Past years we have saved hundreds of such girls from the Kilns, even the minor girls were forced into sex. Learn More

Education for All

Poverty and education are closely linked because people living in abject poverty stop going to school so the family perceives their work can release them from slavery. . Learn More

Extensive relief work for Asylum seekers

These Pakistani Christians were forced into exodus from Pakistan after being victimized by “Blasphemy Law”, “Forced Conversions” and accusations of preaching amongst the “non-Believers” to convert them from Islam to Christian faith. All these destitute families are facing a lot of problems in Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka...Learn More