Gender Justice

Every Year thousands of women and underage girls are abducted and raped and even most of these women are sold for prostitution. Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved and its Founders are working in rescuing these girls in India and Pakistan.
Our Organization is especially rescuing the girls from the Kilns, where they are often being used as a subject for sex. The Kiln owners and the management usually use the underage girls for their sexual pleasure.

In Past years we have saved hundreds of such girls from the Kilns, even the minor girls were forced into sex. Recently we have rescued 13 years girl from the brick kiln who was sexually assaulted by the Kiln owner’s son along with his friends. There are thousands of rape victims in the Kilns and our Organization is focusing on such girls and women.

There is another element of women persecution in Pakistan, every year thousands of minority girls are abducted, raped and later forced to marry an elderly man. According to the Human rights Commission of Pakistan, every Year 1000 minority women and girls are forced to convert and marry.

We are focused to save these voiceless and Oppressed elements of our society.