From April to June 2019 , ECSPE Organisation has able able to saved 29 families from the brick Kiln Slavery in Pakistan. These helpless families were rescued and relocated to a safe zone, where we provided them homes and news jobs. We have arranged the adult and children education program for them so that Children can Copt into the schooling.

We are thankful to our supporters who support us to Free these salves from the Brick Kilns.

S.NrNames Family Members
1Abid and Zara3
2Ashraf Masih and Family6
3Arshad Faiz and Family5
4Asif Emmanuel and family3
5Asif Inayat and Family5
6Owais Ahmed5
7Imran and Family4
8Ejaz Ghaffar and Family8
9Iqbal Nasir and Family6
10Khurram Farooq and Family5
11Liaqat Karamat and Family6
12Naseer Masih and Family5
13Imran bhatti and family5
14Naveed and Family6
15Rafiq Pervaiz and family6
16Rasheed Ahmed and family4
17Razia Bibi and family3
18Saddique javed and family4
19sajid and family4
20Asher Salamat and Family3
21Shamoon and family7
22Samuel Masih and Family5
23Shahid javed and family4
24Shoukat Ashraf and Family6
25Yousaf Khalid and family5
26Yousaf Masih and Family6
27Gulzar Masih and Family5
28Irfan Naseer and Family6
29Ghulam farid and Family5