From October to December 2019 , Our organisation has able able to saved 25 families from the brick Kiln Slavery in Pakistan. These Oppressed families were rescued and relocated to a safe zones, where we have provided them homes and news jobs. We have arranged the adult and children education program for them so that Children can Copt into the schooling. ECSPE is also working on the other projects, such like rescued the girls from the abductors and defending the cases of rape victims. However because of the sensitivity of the matters we are not highlighting or covering their stories.

S.NrNames Families Members
1Noor Masih and Family4
2Khurram Masih and Family6
3Fazal Perviaz and Family6
4Khadim Boota and Family6
5Raheel Zahoor and Family5
6Manga Masih and Family6
7Yousaf and Family6
8Murad and Family9
9Farooq and Family6
10Amanat Zafar and Family4
11Robert and Family 4
12Perviz saleem and Family 3
13Gul Masih and Family5
14Javed and Family4
15Kaleem and Family 6
16Anwar Masih and Family4
17Waris Masih and Family3
18Barkat Masih and Family6
19Robin Masih and Family4
20Ashraf Bashir and Family6
21Nadeem Masih and Family6
22Naveed Noor and Family5
23Fazal Masih and Family5
24Imran Masih and Family6
25Bashir Gulzar and Family5