Frequently Asked Questions

Helpie FAQ

  • How does your organization interact with other groups working to combat slavery in the countries where you operate?

    We actively collaborate with other organizations, NGOs, and government agencies that are also working to combat slavery and human trafficking in our operation countries, as well as share resources and information to achieve a more significant impact and efficient work.

  • How do you ensure cultural sensitivity and respect while navigating local laws and norms?

    We actively work to ensure that our efforts align with local laws and cultural norms and that our work is respectful and sensitive to the communities in which we operate. The unfortunate reality is that the practice of slavery and oppression towards religious minorities in the areas we serve have been somewhat tolerated by the powers that be.

  • How can your organization ensure transparency and accountability in its operations and decision-making?

    We have taken great care in documenting every rescue operation, expense, and use of funds. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, access to this information is restricted to a select few. However, if anyone requires specific details about a particular case or rescue operation, they may request access by signing a non-disclosure form.

  • How do you prioritize individuals and families for rescue efforts and allocate resources effectively?

    We prioritize rescuing individuals and families from ferocious conditions, such as those working in brick kilns where abuse, child labor, sexual assault, and rape of women and girls is prevalent. Our top priority is the victims of the blasphemy laws who have life threats from the Islamists.

  • How do you measure the long-term impact of your work and ensure that the individuals and families you are assisting can sustain their newfound freedom and support in the long run?

    Many victims become trapped in difficult situations due to a lack of education and poverty. Our organization helps by providing fair, living-wage jobs and arranging leases for their new accommodations before the “family-to-family” program expires. We also partner with local charities to educate the children of families we rescue. This helps them break the cycle of poverty and sustain their freedom in the long term.

  • How do you address the potential risks and challenges that may arise during your work, such as backlash from those opposed to your efforts or security risks to your team and those you are helping?

    We have connections with the Pakistani authorities who sympathize with our work and can smooth out any issues that may arise due to our efforts.

  • Can you provide concrete evidence of the success of your efforts to rescue and support individuals and families?

    We maintain detailed records of all our work, including money transfer records, video records of victims, and lists of names and photos of all the families we have saved. These records have been carefully reviewed and are currently held by the State charity section. Additionally, our Form 990 can be accessed online for examination.

  • What is the primary focus of our Organization?

    We deliver essential humanitarian assistance, including food, shelter, and medical care, to persecuted Christians facing crises. We empower persecuted Christians to rebuild their lives and communities. Through education, vocational training, and psychosocial support, we help individuals and families regain their independence and dignity.

  • How do you verify that the individuals and families you are rescuing are genuinely victims of Persecution and not just seeking assistance from your organization for other reasons?
    Most cases are observable from a distance, reported by the church community, or written by family members.  We interview each family we rescue and make facts and fining reports. Most cases we dealt with are highlighted in the National or International media.

  • How do you ensure that the funds you raise are being used appropriately and effectively to achieve your goals?
    We ensure that every penny we raise is used to help the victims. Our organization maintains a high level of efficiency in our operations, with expenses significantly lower than those of other organizations with similar objectives. We firmly believe that every donation is a gift from God and should be used with honesty and integrity.