Israel-Palestine: Oslo Peace Accord is dead—It’s Time to Bury It 

Keith Davies

November 9, 2023

Isreal Palestine

In October 2023, the Jewish people suffered the worst atrocity and pogrom since the Holocaust. This is the final nail in the coffin of the Oslo Accords. It was one of the most foolish endeavors since it was based on a lie that the Arabs desired a state called Palestine.

In an effort to find peace during the Oslo experiment, approximately 2000 Jews were murdered. The Jews allowed the foxes into the chicken coup. In order to prevent suicide bombers from the West Bank, they built a wall. As a result, they are labeled racists for defending themselves.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 Hamas took over and has been launching rockets at Israeli civilians every day for over 15 years; therefore, the Jews invented an Iron Dome to intercept these rockets. If one rockets were flown from Mexico to San Antonio, the Iron Dome, or none, the USA would flatten Mexico. Gaza has been “Juden Free” since 2005. It would have been possible for Gaza to become the Singapore of the Middle East with foreign investment, but instead, it became a staging ground for the murder of more Jews.

Palestinian And Hamas :

What has the Palestinian Authority said about Hamas atrocities? Nothing! They wholeheartedly support them, and the world calls them moderates. The moderate Jordanian queen says the Jews are war criminals, not a word about Hamas. The Gaza people voted for Hamas and brought them into power with more than seventy percent of the vote. There are no brave voices from Gaza condemning Hamas; silence is complicity.

Palestinian statehood is a fantasy and pure propaganda intended to maintain the conflict against the Jews.  The vast majority of people who support the establishment of a Palestinian state who are not Arabs do not have any knowledge of the true history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Their views are based on a media that does not know anything about the Jewish people, or they also hate Jews, or more accurately, God.

As the Arabs know themselves, what they advocate is a lie since when they speak Arabic, they completely acknowledge that the Jews never stole any land. Even Arabs will tell you that the “good old days” were during “the occupation” (1967 to 1995) when the economy was thriving, and there was no corrupt Arab regime ruling over them. The primary reason they reject Jewish sovereignty is that their hatred of Jews takes precedence over everything else.

What Should be the Action of Israel:

It is time that the Israeli government not just destroy Hamas, but they should also dismantle the Palestinian Authority and expel its leaders. There is no point in continuing the charade of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. The vast majority of Arabs hate Jews, and many still want to murder them in Judea and Samaria as well as come across the Green Line and murder the Jews there, too.

In the aftermath of October 7, the Jews should finally come to their senses and at least go back to the status quo of June 10, 1967, when it comes to the territories of The West Bank and Gaza.  Peace is only possible when your adversary admits defeat and is willing to accept defeat unconditionally, just like the Allies would only accept unconditional surrender from the Nazis. That is the only way to peace.

The leaders in the Jewish community should focus on proper PR to go after their enemies and stop advocating for “peace.”  Use the few brave Arabs to speak the truth in the media, support them with salaries, and finance controversial events in universities. Win over the students who are not Arab on campus to know the absolute truth of Israel and the evil intent of their enemies. Focus also on social media with a proper professional approach.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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