We are thankful to all our donors and supports who help us to save and free the Slaves from the Brick Kilns in Pakistan. Our Organisation was able to Free 25 Slaved families from the Brick Kilns in Pakistan. From July, to September 2019 , We have saved 25 families. Currently with our limited Resources we are unable to save more people . But believe that with better resources we will able to rescue more people from the Slavery.

These rescue families were safely relocated to other cities where we have provided them all means to re-start their lives.

S.NrNames Family Members
1Khalid Abbas and Family4
2Asif Rehman and Family5
3Baber Masih and Family6
4Dershen Lal and Family6
5Munir Javed and Family6
6Imtaiz Gul and Family7
7Maalik Mehmood and Family5
8Nadeem Abbas and Family6
9Niyamat Javed and Family 5
10Patras And Family4
11Sabir Hafeez and Family6
12Salamat Masih and Family5
13Saleem Masih and Family3
14Waris Yousaf and Family5
15Babar Amanat and Family4
16Shakeel Mehmood and Family5
17Shabaz and Family4
18Zahid Perviaz and Family3
19Arshad Masih and Family6
20Ayub and Family4
21Allah Ditta and Family5
22Khalid Javed and Family7
23Amanat Masih and Family6
24Naseer and Family6
25Roshan Masih and Family5