Rescue & Revive

 The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved (ECSPE) is wholeheartedly committed to providing comprehensive support, advocating for their rights, and offering essential resources to help them navigate and overcome these profound challenges.

Our Rescue and Revive project strive to end religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, forced conversions, abductions, rape, and other challenges Christians face because of their faith.

ECSPE has rescued and revived thousands of persecuted Christians over the past years. We are determined to stand together with the Persecuted Church in this time of persecution.

According to the World Watch List 2023, Christians are the most persecuted faith in the world; there are More than 360 million Christians who suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination for their religion.


The following is a list of countries where Christians are facing severe persecution.

  1. North Korea  2.Somalia 3.Yemen  4.Eritrea  5.Libya  6.Nigeria  7.Pakistan 8.Iran 9.Afghanistan 10.Sudan

From Tears to Radiant Smiles

Choose a Gift

  • $50: Where Needed Most
  • $100:Where Needed Most
  • $200:Where Needed Most
  • $1,000:Where Needed Most
  • $ 2,000: An international airline ticket for an individual facing persecution

Stand with us on a mission to rescue persecuted Christians from slavery and provide them with a chance to rebuild their lives. Let’s work together to help those who are Suffering.


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