The ECSPE is committed to protecting and defending the rights of Christian women and girls. Among our significant initiatives is RescueHER, which provides legal assistance and shelter for such girls who are victims of rape, abduction, and forced conversion to Islam.  

There is another element of women’s persecution in Pakistan; every year, thousands of minority girls are abducted, raped, and later forced to marry an elderly man. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every year, 1000 minority women and girls are forced to convert and marry.

 In Past years, we have saved hundreds of such girls; even the minor girls were forced into sex and forced marriages.

From Tears to Radiant Smiles

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  • $50: Where Needed Most
  • $100:Where Needed Most
  • $200:Where Needed Most
  • $1,000:Where Needed Most
  • $ 2,000: An international airline ticket for an individual facing persecution

Join us in our mission to save and rescue women and girls from abduction, rape, and forced conversion.


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