The Dirty Games of Jew Hate In The International Community

Keith Davies

March 30, 2024

Israel hate in the world

On October 7, the world had to condemn Hamas for the brutal slaughter of civilians, which included rape, butchery, and incredulous cruelty but the underlying hatred of Jews by the world needed to be reinstated as the Palestinians know too well that it is not just they that hate Jews. Still, they know that the secular West also has a similar hatred of the Jew and of G-d, and they use this to advance their agenda.

The Western governments in private have given support to destroy Hamas. Still, publicly, they thread the needle to appease the pro-Palestine contingent within their own countries and the international community. They play the duplicitous line and betray Israel and the Jews.

Propaganda Against Jews:

Within days of the October 7 attack and before Israel had even fired a shot in anger, the propaganda and Jew hate had already begun. The pro-Palestine contingent had already been prepared for the counter-campaign to make themselves the victim, and gradually, they succeeded in even turning the American government into a pro-Hamas ally. This American government’s position of abstaining at the UN Security Council, which the Democrats elites have adjudicated to help in their reelection of Biden, will actually backfire in a big way. Still, it does not excuse the outrage on how this has damaged Israel in the world.

Anyone who knows the truth is Israel goes out of its way to protect civilians, and yes, sometimes civilians die, but that is the tragedy of war.  If the world was fair and balanced and not even pro-Israel, it would be putting pressure on Hamas to capitulate for two reasons: one, because they are a terrorist organization that does not value human life, whether it is Jew, Arab, Christian, or any other and secondly, they started the war.  The world, instead of putting pressure on Israel, should be doing the opposite, and by not doing so, they are purely antisemitic; there is no other way to describe it. 

In World War Two, the free world was one hundred percent behind the allies to win the war and no dead civilian on the side of the Nazis was mourned or grieved about during the war. Not even the six million Jews who were murdered during the war were focused on or helped.  The proof of this was the unwillingness of the Allies to bomb Auschwitz so as to slow down the industrial killing of the Jews.

Historical Context and Contemporary Realities:

Great Britain and the League of Nations promised the Jews the ability to restore their ancient homeland and were betraying that promise up to the start of World War Two. It was only the Holocaust that the world finally felt guilty enough to finally fulfill that promise in 1947 with UN resolution 181. Most of the countries who supported Resolution 181 believed that the new Jewish state would be destroyed within weeks (including the USA) as the designated land for the Jewish State had no defensible borders. 

The world, and again including the USA (except Czechoslovakia), barred all weapon sales to Israel so they would be easily wiped out. Great Britain went even further and armed and trained the Arabs as well as providing key barracks. The Jews were one of the only Nations to rebirth their nation without taking up revolutionary arms once Israel was established. Ironically, in order to keep their national aspirations, they needed to defend themselves when attacked by several Arab countries, not to establish a “Palestinian State” but to destroy the Jewish one.

The truth is the same today. The myth of Palestinian nationalism is the excuse for Jew hate, whether it is Arabs who call themselves Palestinian or the international community supporting such lies.  To support Palestine, you hate Jews. “It is that simple.”  The idea that the world and Arabs sympathize with dead Palestinian women and children is a disgusting lie. 

Misconceptions and Double Standards:

In fact, Israel, despite being attacked by brutal terrorists, goes out of its way to try and protect civilians from the tragedy of war, but despite their efforts, they are falsely accused of war crimes; why?

Answer: Jew hate.  Remember, hundreds of thousands of civilian Muslims and Arabs have been killed by other Muslims/Arabs in conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and other places. Muslim terrorists are murdering thousands of non-Muslims/Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, the USA on 9/11, and many other countries. Not one UN resolution or condemnation by the world community. Israel, the Jewish state, is the only country reserved for international condemnation. This in itself proves that Jew hate and anti-Semitism have always been part of the world psyche.

While the USA has been an excellent ally for Israel, that was also the case with Great Britain till they betrayed their friendship for their perceived colonial interests. The USA is heading in the same direction unless the American people can elect a Republican administration that understands the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and its threat to both Israel and the Western world.


Why are only the people of Gaza (Palestine) or Muslims portrayed as innocent victims of oppression, which is absolutely wrong and misinformation? Recently, UN Secretary António Guterres visited Gaza and demanded Israel stop the war, expressing deep concern regarding the situation in Gaza. Why only Gaza? Did he ever visit Armenia, where Azerbaijan forcibly occupies certain areas, killing innocent civilians? Or have you seen him visiting Northern Cyprus, controlled by Turkey since 1974? He has never bothered to visit the Sahel region, where Christian’s face killings and displacement from their towns, villages, and cities every day. Has he ever spoken about the Christian genocide? No, never. Do you know why? Because the propaganda for Palestine is prioritized.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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