The Forced Conversion of 13-Year-Old Christian Girl Saniya, Followed by Marriage

Farrukh Saif

April 9, 2024


Forced Conversion and Child marriages have become a significant issue in Pakistan. Another Christian girl, Saniya, a 13-year-old, was abducted and converted to Islam in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.

According to the documented evidence confirms Saniya’s birth date as 10.01.2010. Tragically, she was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam and subsequently married off to a Muslim man named Saif ul Rehman.

Amin Masih, the father of the abducted girl, is a laborer and marginalized Christian and has four daughters.

On April 4, 2024, when his daughter was not found, the nearby neighbors told Amin Masih that Saif ul Rehman and a few others were seen with his daughter. He reported to the police that his minor daughter had been abducted.

The police registered the FIR but later dismissed it, stating that Saniya had converted to Islam and married Saif.

Despite her young age and the clear violation of her rights, Saniya’s abduction was dismissed by authorities who cited her alleged conversion and marriage as justification. Such dismissals perpetuate impunity and leave victims and their families without recourse.

Need for Systemic Change:

The Pakistani government has failed to address the issue of religious minority persecution and hold the responsible parties accountable. This is a serious violation of the country’s human rights obligations. The absence of effective legislation and enforcement to protect religious minorities, particularly women and children, has allowed this heinous practice to continue without any consequence.

The family has contacted us (ECSPE), for the support as we are committed to defend the persecuted and enslaved, we will support Amin Masih and his family in their quest for justice.

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Farrukh Saif

Farrukh H. Saif, a courageous Christian human rights activist, established the Farrukh Saif Foundation in 2009 to confront religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, and bonded slavery in Pakistan. His dedication to liberating bonded laborers from brick kilns and advocating for blasphemy victims and asylum seekers has garnered international acclaim. Despite encountering threats and fatwas, his impactful work persists in supporting marginalized communities. In 2018, the foundation merged with The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved, enhancing its global outreach.


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