The Two-State Mirage:  Palestinians Do Not Want a State

Keith Davies

January 23, 2024

ECSPE-One State

The saying that “ common sense is not so common” is the perfect analogy on the idea of the “two state solution,” yet the renewed policy of the USA, the EU as well as the UK is “the two state solution” should be imposed by outside powers in the aftermath of the October massacres.

This is nothing short of madness, not because it is a desirable solution based on secular liberal values as it on the face it makes perfect sense but the idea of a “two state solution” is and has been totally rejected by the Palestinian Arabs. In fact, based on recent opinion polls conducted in Gaza and the West Bank, over 82% of Palestinians do not support the idea of a state living side by side with the “Zionist entity.”

Just watch this interview with Khaled Mashal the leader of Hamas based in Qatar that was done on January 18, 2024 and posted by Memri on January 22, which is recorded on Arabic TV (has english subtitles) that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what he and his people want regarding “the two state solution”

Even 63% of Israelis including the 20% of Arab population in the survey are against a Palestinian state. If you exclude the Arab Israelis in the survey it would mean over 75% of the Jewish Israelis are actually against a Palestinian state. The reason is based on security concerns which are very well founded based on the interview above and the October 7 massacres.

The “Moderate” Palestinian authority on December 13th in a media interview with Jabril Rajoub The General Secretary of the Palestinian Authority interviewed with Daily Sabah a Turkish English news outlet. DailySabah

Jabril Rajoub: Source Facebook

“Rajoub stated that the position of the Fatah movement, the Palestinian

National Authority, on the future of Palestinians, was a united Palestinian territory based on borders before occupation and reaching an agreement between all factions, including Hamas, “to form a national unity government with specific tasks and a time limit.” He noted that this government’s responsibility would be relief and reconstruction and it would serve all Palestinian territories.

He noted that the current war may pave the way for “burying the division” between Fatah and Hamas, “creating conditions and the foundation for the future.”

“There is one homeland, one leadership and one decision. In my opinion, this is linked to building political and organizational approaches to our struggle, which provide a safety net to protect the achievements in our hands,” he said. Rajoub added that an independent Palestinian state and unity of the Palestinian territories are the main focus of any debate on the conflict.

He underlined that Fatah considers Hamas as an integral part of Palestinian society and a consensus formula for the future must be built on this foundation, “which I believe should be our strategic choice as two movements. Our agreement and understanding is a guarantee of protection of this country.”

In simple language The Palestinian Authority is in full alignment with Hamas when it comes to the destruction of Israel. They have rescinded their recognition of Israel which has been the case since 2015.

Virtually all of Palestinian society is fundamentalist Muslim which translates into the desire to rule the world for Islam and it is affront to their religion for anything other than a Muslim run state in what they regard as their sphere of influence, which is referred to by them as the Caliphate. Israel is regarded as Islamic land.

The Western powers should know the real truth concerning Palestinian nationalism and if they don’t know then it is willful blindness on their part. So what should be the correct policy towards the Arabs and the Palestinians concerning a “two state solution?”

Instead of imposing or continuing the delusion of a Palestinian state based on liberal Western values of democracy which is also abhorrent to Islam they need to take a completely different approach. The problem in the West is the pervasive political correctness of not understanding your enemy or the concept of fundamentalist Islam.

The West not only does not understand the problem but feeds the enemy with billions of our tax dollars through the United Nations, fueling the hatred by educating millions of young Arab children with Nazi style Jew hatred in their school system, both in Gaza and the West Bank. This eliminates any chance of peace in the
Middle East. In 1933 if we were to send Hitler’s Nazi government millions of dollars in aid for their school system, would the American, British or French people tolerate such stupidity? No, but that is exactly what the world is doing now.

One has to ask what is the World’s agenda towards the Middle East? Is it interested in peace or is it interested in appeasing Arabs for various political interests, or is it because the World is still anti semitic, or maybe a combination of both?

The bottom line is if the money were to dry up tomorrow, peace would descend on the Middle East in very short order.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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