The United Islamic Terror Front: The Middle East Conflict and the Threat to the West

Keith Davies

December 31, 2023

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The world is now focused on Israel and the Gaza war on Hamas, along with Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen, as well as operations in Syria to blunt the transfer of weapons organized by Iran. However, the current war in the Middle East is a prelude to the jihad to take over the whole world for Islam.

 The fundamentalist Islamic doctrine is clear that, just like the Nazis, they need to remove the Jews from the world before they can proceed with their final goals. In the Islamic scriptures, both Shia and Sunni believe in the Mahdi or the 12th Imam, who cannot come until Israel is wiped out. The Muslims cannot take over the world till the Jews are totally defeated and destroyed. The only difference between the two branches of Islam is that the Sunnis do not believe the Mahdi has been born yet but the Shia believe he has been on earth for around twelve hundred years.  The secular media, being people who do not know what they don’t know, continue to mislead and misinform the public as to what the threat of fundamentalist Islam actually is.  According to them, it is just a bunch of religious fanatics who do not like our foreign policy, and the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful.  

Israel’s war: Protection of the West

Israel’s war with Hamas is vital to the protection of the West as if Israel is not allowed complete victory, it will bring further confidence to the Muslims that Allah is with them and will give them the green light to increase their Jihad against not just Israel but the West as well. I also believe that the current war sponsored by Iran is a distraction from their final preparations to attain their long-awaited goal of having a nuclear weapon. The apparent policy is for Iran to keep Israel fighting using their proxies so that they can get their nuke program operational.

Islamist Networks: Unraveling the Global Funding and Support for Extremism:

Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood operation. It is financed not only by Iran but also by other regimes in the Middle East, including Qatar.  Qatar is also a significant financier of terror, yet the US government has them as an ally, with the USA having its largest Air and Naval base in the Middle East, located near Doha, the capital of Qatar. Qatar, after Iran, is probably the biggest funder of terrorists in the world.

There is strong evidence that Boko Haram, a Muslim Brotherhood terror group in Nigeria that has murdered 62,000 Christians since 2002, has been financed by Qatar. The Christian community has named this the “Silent Genocide.”  This genocidal group rarely gets any media attention in the Western press. Maybe the media is just racist, as the murdered are just dead black Christians. The destruction of the Jews is not the only goal of Islam, but it also wishes to destroy Christianity as well as any other “unbeliever.”  This will also include secular Muslims who are only Muslim by birth but reject Islam concerning belief. Ironically, it is the secular Muslims who are peaceful, not the ultra-religious ones.

US Failed Policies Against Terrorism:

American logic concerning the terror threat in the world is totally upside down. Another crazy concept is at the same time; the United States is providing money and weapons to Israel to defeat Hamas and Hezbollah; they also recently released some (frozen assets due to terrorism) sixteen billion dollars to Iran, as well as lifted sanctions so they can sell their oil, which has allowed them to become supper wealthy again. The money they now have has been used to finance every terrorist in the world, many of whom are our direct enemies. The weapons and munitions left behind in Afghanistan, over eighty billion dollars worth, have been sold to terrorists all around the world. This is the government we supposedly voted for in 2020.

Unveiling the Threat Posed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda:

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with Al Qaeda, has operations worldwide.  The Palestine issue: you have seen in every major city here and abroad that, within hours of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, were promoting massive protests. This required money and major organizational ability and was not a sudden outpouring of emotion for their Palestinian brothers.  

Most of the non-Muslim protesters chanting From the River to the Sea could not even give you the name of the river or the sea that was referred to in the slogan. However, the protesters were part of the Marxist left who have allied themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Little do these useful Marxist idiots know the Islamists will also murder them if they ever achieve their goal of bringing down the West.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with the Iranian Mullahs, is the most serious threat to our national and Western security.  The policies of allowing Muslim migration, student visas to Muslims to attend our Marxist universities, as well as not capping the money to starve these monsters from attaining the weapons and infrastructure to carry out their Jihad, are disastrous.  

We are facing a united terror front that has just kicked off its new major campaign with its attack on Israel.  This is just the beginning of the mayhem, not just for us in the West but also for our brothers and sisters living as minorities in Muslim countries, whether they be Christian, Hindu, or other faiths.  Pray for them and also pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. 

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Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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