Unusual Allies of Israel: Surprising Friends Around the Globe

Keith Davies

January 8, 2024

Israel real friends

While Israel has many enemies, in fact, most of the world is their enemy, it does have friends as well.  Some of them are not what we would expect and are countries we know little about.

While Iran is one of Israel’s most vicious enemies, the majority of the Iranian people do not hate Israel, and even many Iranians who live outside Iran are some of the most ardent supporters of Israel and are braver than most of our Jewish brethren in speaking up for Israel both in the media and protesting in street demonstrations.

Lily Moo is one of the many Iranians who speak for Israel. Here is a recent interview she did with ILTV, an Israeli English-speaking news station.

Iranians’ Solidarity with Israel

Another Iranian descendent, Vahid Beheshti, who is also based in London, calls for Israel to attack Iran and also advocates for the return of the Pahlavi dynasty (the previous regime of the Shah)

Vahid Beheshti stresses that the “Israel-Hamas war is not limited to Hamas but that the source of the problem is the Iranian regime, and if Israel attacks, the Iranian people, who are thirsty for freedom, will follow.” 

Read more on Iranian descendants here.

Another place in the world where Israel receives rock-solid support is in the South Pacific in the group of Islands called Micronesia, which votes in UN close to 100% in favor of Israel and against the ridiculous anti-Israel UN resolutions that are voted on multiple times every year.  Israel enjoys great diplomatic relations with Micronesia.  The Islands population are staunch Bible-believing Christians and have the highest church attendance rates in the world. Other countries in the South Pacific that are also strong supporters of Israel include the Marshall Islands, Fiji, and other islands in the region that also support Israel based on their Christian faith.  

The United Nations, on October 27, 2023, on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, it was clear that Israel, which opposed the measure, faced an uphill battle. Countries Israel counted among its closest allies, including Germany and Canada, jumped ship, fearing a backlash if they rejected the resolution. So it came as a big surprise for many in Israel to find Austria, a country with which they have enjoyed what might charitably be called a stormy relationship over the years, standing shoulder with the Jewish state. This was not just the land of Hitler and Adolf Eichmann, but its politics in recent years have often been dominated by the far-right Freedom Party, which SS veterans founded in the 1950s.

The infamous former Secretary General of the UN, Kurt Waldheim, was an Austrian Nazi and had been involved in atrocities in Greece during World War II.  The current Austrian government, which is a conservative coalition, recognizes the threat of Islamic supremacism in the West. They view the Hamas attack on October 7th as the same threat faced by the rest of Europe and that Israel is an ally in this very same problem. The Austrian government relations have been warm and strong for several years.

Our newest entrant to the pro-Israel camp in Argentina. The newly elected president, Javier Milei, is a fervent supporter of the Jewish state and, in the first few days of his presidency, visited Israel in an act of solidarity. The president is studying the Torah and is considering converting to Judaism. His closest political adviser during his election campaign was Axel Wannish, an orthodox Jew, and he is planning to appoint him as his new ambassador to Israel. 

Other countries apart from the USA who we regard as true friends of Israel would be Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Italy, Liberia, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Rwanda, Chad, Nauru, Paraguay based on their current government’s policy on the Middle East.  I have excluded France and the United Kingdom as their actions do not align with their words. Britain is two-faced, as is France. Today the UK police have decided to join the Jew-hating country of South Africa and “investigate” Israeli war crimes.

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Keith Davies

Keith Davies, an Irish-born American, began humanitarian campaigns in 2009 after joining an American-based organization as an Executive Director. Having personal experience with religious persecution, he felt compelled to support and assist the voiceless and disadvantaged people of the world.


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