Budapest -28th Jan,2017: We have fulfilled our responsibility towards Pakistani Asylum seekers in Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri-Lanka by elaborating the miserable plight of Asylum seekers. There were 17 Organizations from the world and only our organizations, Farrukh Saif Foundation our merged Organization, have highlighted the problems of Pakistani asylum seeker Community. So far No decision has been made in this regard but we have given the assurance to the Hungarian Government that we will take care of our brethren and they will not be a burden upon the Government of Hungary.

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We would like to inform you all that all the other news that lists have been prepared by the Hungarian Government or they are visiting IDC is fake. People are playing with your emotions. This Chapter of Hungarian Government was designed for the Syrian and Iraqi Christians, Whereas I, Farrukh Saif, made every possible effort to seeks help for our Pakistani asylum seekers.

Earlier to the event,  Keith Davies and Farrukh Saif met with the Head of the Mission for the Persecuted and submitted a Petition for the Pakistani Communities in Which we clarified to the Hungarian Government that we will be taking care of the Travelling costs and few of our friend organizations will help these people in Resettlement.

We have done our best to convince the Head of the Mission to take the Pakistani Asylum Seekers and now it’s up to them.