Why Muslims Cannot Deny the Reality of Israel

Farrukh Saif

October 8, 2023

Reality of Israel

The existence of Israel is a historical reality, and even Islam cannot deny it. Nevertheless, Muslims around the world claim that Jews have occupied the land of Palestine.

Moses the First Evidence:

The first evidence is Moses, who is called Mūsā ibn ʿImrān in the Quran. Muslims consider him one of the important Prophets in the lineage of Prophets. Moses is mentioned 136 times in the Quran, and both the Quran and Muslim hadith contain numerous accounts of Moses’ preaching and his role in setting the Israelites free from the slavery of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Indeed, Islam and the Quran do acknowledge that the Israelites, after being set free from Egypt, were settled in the land by the will and guidance of God.

In fact, this historical event holds an important place in Islamic teachings. Through this, both Muhammad and Islam show their connection within the lineage of Abraham.

King David The Second Evidence:

However, the second Evidence in accordance with Islam is King David (Dāwūd) who is considered one of the Prophets of Islam and the ruler of the United Kingdom of Israel. Additionally, Muslims and Islam believe that the Psalms (Zabur) are divine revelations received by King David from God. It is important to understand that King David is mentioned 16 times in the Quran. Even then, if Muslims refuse to accept Israel as a state owned by Jews, it can be seen as a denial of Islam.

King Solomon The Third Evidence :

In Islam, King Solomon is known as Hazrat Sulaiman and is also considered one of the prophets of Islam. Prophet Solomon is widely recognized for his wisdom, leadership, and role in spreading the message of monotheism (belief in one God) to his people. He is often mentioned in the Quran as a righteous and wise prophet who received special gifts and abilities from God, including the ability to communicate with animals and control the forces of nature. In Islamic tradition, his story is similar in many ways to the biblical account of King Solomon, emphasizing his piety, justice, and the building of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Reality Of Isreal:

If we consider these three pieces of evidence from an Islamic perspective, they support the historical reality of Israel:

  1. The first evidence shows that God brought the Israelites out of slavery and granted them the land.
  2. The second evidence demonstrates that Israel was a kingdom ruled by King David.
  3. The third evidence highlights that the Temple of Jerusalem was constructed by King Solomon, who governed the United Kingdom of Israel.

These points collectively affirm the historical significance of Israel within the context of Islamic teachings.

In view of this evidence, it is proved that Muslims conquered the land that belonged to the Jews, persecuted them, and expelled them from their homeland. They transformed the Temple of Jerusalem into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was and still is a holy place for Jews. If the land indeed belongs to the Jews, even from an Islamic perspective, then the existence of Palestine becomes questionable. The existence of Palestine is considered to be a fabricated historical narrative. There has never been a Palestinian state that existed in the land of the Jews. In the southern part, Gaza served as the territory of the Palestinian people.

Farrukh Saif

Farrukh H. Saif, a courageous Christian human rights activist, established the Farrukh Saif Foundation in 2009 to confront religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, and bonded slavery in Pakistan. His dedication to liberating bonded laborers from brick kilns and advocating for blasphemy victims and asylum seekers has garnered international acclaim. Despite encountering threats and fatwas, his impactful work persists in supporting marginalized communities. In 2018, the foundation merged with The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved, enhancing its global outreach.


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