Word Of Hope

ECSPE started this new initiative to spread the word of God in the radical Islamic country of Pakistan. We believe that by sharing the Bible, we spread messages of love, compassion, and hope. We started this project in August and have distributed over 1000 Bibles to believers and non-believers.

One Bible costs us about 5 $, And we aim to distribute 3,000 Bibles by the End of 2023. We invite you to join us in sharing love, compassion, and hope with the people of Pakistan.

From Tears to Radiant Smiles

Choose a Gift

  • $10: Provide 2 Bibles
  • $50: Provide 10 Bibles
  • $100: Provide 50 Bibles
  • $500: Provide 100 Bibles

Join us in spreading the Good News of Jesus to Believers and Non-Believers.


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