Christian Persecution Continues in China as Church Leaders Remain Imprisoned

Farrukh Saif

May 8, 2024


Persecution of Christians in China remains a grave concern. The two leaders from Ganquan Church in Hefei, Anhui, since last autumn, their detainment extending into May 2024. The spouses and congregants of these leaders have fervently implored for their liberation, the urgency compounded by the deteriorating health conditions of the imprisoned pastors during their confinement.

This instance underscores the ongoing repression of Christianity orchestrated by the Chinese government. Despite the official guarantee of religious freedom in China’s rhetoric, the practical realization of this freedom is severely curtailed. The government exercises stringent control and surveillance over religious undertakings, with unregistered house churches such as Ganquan Church navigating within a murky legal terrain.

Christianity are Branded as Betrayers:

Throughout China, the most conspicuous persecution frequently unfolds in regions where Buddhism or Islam hold sway. Converts to Christianity are branded as betrayers of their ethnicity and kinship, subject to coercion, threats, and even physical aggression in efforts to coerce them back into adherence to their ancestral faith.

The Chinese Communist Party endeavors to enforce ideological conformity within churches, orchestrating measures to align them with official doctrines. Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from attending religious services, congregations are subjected to meticulous monitoring, and the abrupt closure of churches is not uncommon.

New Legislation:

Legislation enacted in 2018 has exacerbated the challenges faced by Christians seeking to engage in religious activities online. The crackdown on Christianity forms part of a broader campaign of religious oppression in China.

As China approaches the 2024 elections, instances of violence and animosity towards Christians and other religious minorities are escalating.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has consistently censured China’s transgressions against religious liberties. However, the persecution endured by believers like the imprisoned pastors of Ganquan Church persists unabated.

Farrukh Saif

Farrukh H. Saif, a courageous Christian human rights activist, established the Farrukh Saif Foundation in 2009 to confront religious discrimination, blasphemy laws, and bonded slavery in Pakistan. His dedication to liberating bonded laborers from brick kilns and advocating for blasphemy victims and asylum seekers has garnered international acclaim. Despite encountering threats and fatwas, his impactful work persists in supporting marginalized communities. In 2018, the foundation merged with The Emergency Committee to Save the Persecuted and Enslaved, enhancing its global outreach.


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